Adjustable beds designed to adjust to you.

  • 1 myCloud queen
  • 2 myCloud memory foam
  • 3 myCloud king
  • 4 myCloud remote control

Customize the perfect sleep position.

Enhance your comfort for work, play, rest, or sleep with customized upper and lower body positions. Enrich your sleep experience for a more restful night and efficient day.

The myCloud™ Adjustable Beds feature simple place, plug, and play assembly in just fifteen minutes or less. Dual steel frame construction offers superior stability and durability. Enjoy peaceful rest with quiet adjustments and dual lift motor technology. The hard wired remote is easy to find and easy to use with head lift, leg lift, and synchronized lift options. Rest easy with the patent pending Gravity Release safety feature; never worry about prevents pinch points or obstructions that might hinder adjustability.

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